About Activity:

This project is also a great kids craft to be done to keep the kids busy or as a family. Keeping this craft simple and quick was the goal, and it could not be more simple. It can also be created into something else and not just a school bus.  

    Supplies Needed:

    • Rectangular shape box 
    • Glue Stick or glue 
    • A4 size paper of blue and black colors 
    • Toothpicks 
    • Some newspaper 
    • Ruler
    • Pencil
    • Paintbrush and box 


    • Cut the upside of the rectangular box according to shown in the link.
    • Apply glue stick all four side of the rectangular box.
    • Before glue gets dry apply blue A4 size paper in the rectangular box.
    • Then cut an extra part of the paper and attach up and downside of the rectangular box.

    We have already completed half of our work.

    • Measure to make windows and glass by the help of a pencil and ruler.
    • Also to make wheels take some newspaper and roll it and then wrap it in a circle by the help of glue stick.
    • After finishing making wheels, cut down a rectangular box in such a way that toothpick passes through two sides of the box on the same side but two different places.
    • Finally, color the box as you want and your craft is ready.

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