About Activity

I thought this one was a rather fun activity and the kids passed almost an hour of play with it.This activity was rather easy to set up and I made it on whim while the kids were in bath the one evening.


  1. Orange pipe cleaners
  2. 1 Green yarn
  3. 1 Egg carton
  4. Small shopping basket for harvestin
  5. Some paper

Learning Opportunities

This is also great fine motor practice! 

How does it work?

To make the carrots cut the pipe cleaner into 4 or 5 pieces as well as a small amount of yarn.

Fold the pipe cleaner piece in half and twist the yarn around. Pull tight and twist the pipe cleaner on itself to create a carrot and secure the yarn as leaves. Just like in the image below.

Poke a few holes in the underside of an egg carton for planting those carrots!

Once you have an entire carrot patch it is time to have fun.

Harvest and plant the carrots.

Explain how the carrots are a root vegetable and that is why the orange bit is under the ground and the leaves above.

Add them to your harvest container.

Lets add some math to this activity! How many carrots did you harvest?

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