When it comes to our favorite childhood stories, jungle tales featuring the majestic tiger totally take the cake. The stories came alive when our parents took us to see the beautiful big cat in tiger safaris or at the zoo. However, if tiger population continues to dwindle, our kids may see them only in picture books of extinct animals! That’s reason enough to join the celebrations on July 29, when the Global Tiger Day reiterates the importance of tiger conservation efforts.

Today (july 29) marks the day to make everyone aware to join hands to protect tigers. The good news is that in Nepal alone, which accounts for one of every ten tigers worldwide, the numbers have grown from 120 in 2006 to 198 in January this year. Let’s join in the rejoicing and also teach your kids more about the world they live in!

Here are few Roaring Ideas for International Tiger Day

1. Educational Video about tiger

An interactive educational video is always great for learning. Here are some interactive Video about tiger which will be a great hit with preschool kids.

2. Tiger Stories

What is more interesting than learning? Learning through stories. Let your child be engaged in adventurous stories of tiger and make them baffled and aware about the characters of this enormous yet beautiful beast.

3. Make a tiger mask at home

Making tiger mask and coloring it, is an excellent activity for preschoolers. The preschoolers will enjoy making this mask and pretending to be tigers. They will also learn about tigers. 

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