Activity suggested by: Mrs. Aditi Shah (Kiddie Clouds preschool)

About Activity

Here is a “magic” trick you can do to excite children about reading or just for fun!


  1. Toilet paper
  2. Marker/ color pencils
  3. Bowl with water

Learning opportunities

  • Kids can channel their inner creativity
  • Motor skill through coloring and sketching
  • Learning while having fun

How does it work?

  1. Fold one piece of a paper towel and draw something at the front side using a permanent marker.
  2. Open paper towel and trace the drawing on the other page.
  3. Now turn your picture in something else, get creative and use regular felt tip pens for some color!
  4. Fold it back and drop it in the water!
  5. Paper towel will quickly absorb the water and reveal the whole picture
  6. For further clarification, you can watch the following videos:,

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